Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea

Our trip to Korea is not complete without a visit to the famous Hello Kitty Cafe. Following the directions I got from the internet (which I will provide later), off we went to this cafe.

20141013_135700You know you’re in the right place (lol) when you see a structure with Hello Kitty designs painted in pink.

20141013_151623My friend Anna excitedly posing for a pic (hehehe)


Impressed with the exterior design of the cafe, we can’t wait to see how it looks inside…


 Hello Kitty Mugs

20141013_140248Hello Kitty Souvenirs


Hello Kitty Pastries

The cafe has a second floor. After placing our orders, we went upstairs to take more pictures while waiting for our food.


We heard that the place is usually filled with people. We were there around 11 in the morning and only a few people were there so we freely took pictures here and there (lol) I guess the place is packed early morning and late evening as it is a coffee shop. Our timing was perfect!





20141013_140714 Yummy Waffle!

20141013_140815image-11729db1a3a49a8f21068cacbcd4cf01bb0458db52d7ad11090e5eccc09ce82e-V - Copy20141013_14285720141013_14453920141013_144238Lastly, let’s take a look at their restroom…Nice Hello Kitty mirrors 🙂

20141013_14443120141013_140436It was past 2 in the afternoon when we went out. Was it worth it? I’d say yes. Their pastries were delicious, their coffee tastes good and the place was very cozy. To all Hello Kitty lovers, I am sure you will love this place!

Here’s the directions:

1) From Hongik station (subway line 2), go to Exit 9.

2) From Exit 9, turn left and walk straight.

3) As soon as you see Dunkin Donuts on your right side, turn right and walk straight until you see a street with a cross walk.

4) Cross the street and walk straight and turn left (first left side of the street).

5) Keep walking straight. Once you see the the sign “Eye Trick Museum on you right side, turn right.

6) Keep walking until you see on your left side a small lane. You’ll see Watson Store and Ho Bar. Just go past those two stores and go up the street ( a very small alley upwards).

7) When you go up, the pink structure is very visible. That’s the Hello Kitty cafe. Enjoy!

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