Wakeboarding at CamSur Water Complex

Wakeboarding in CamSur Water Complex is one great experience you should never miss! From Legaspi City Grand Terminal, my friends and I rode a passenger van going to Naga City. Fare is P170 per head. We told the van driver to drop us off at Pili (better to tell the driver you want to go to CWC so they will drop you off at the right location). From there, we took a tricycle which cost us P10 pesos each to the main entrance of CamSur Water Complex.


The Reception Area at the main entrance is just for wakeboarding activities. Since we would be staying for a night, we were given directions on where to locate the main building for lodging. It took us about 10 minutes to locate the building given that the resort seems to lack signage and directions.


Good thing our backpacks are not that heavy!

The reception area is big and has good ambiance. After making the necessary arrangements,a mini van drove us off to our designated rooms. We booked two Cabanas with twin beds. Each Cabana costs P1700 good for  two people. Since there were five of us, we were asked to pay for the extra person and an extra mattress was provided.



 Outside the Cabana Rooms – Beautiful and Serene Surroundings.

After a few hours of rest, we were hungry and went to their Clubhouse Restaurant. We dined at their Cottage Poolside. The Cottage Poolside has a minimum of P1200 consumable food and drinks. Since there were five of us, it was easy for us to reach the minimum. We ordered different dishes  so that we can each try to sample the food. We also ordered their Bicol Specialty, the Laing Pizza! The pizza tastes delicious.


 Bicol Specialty – Laing Pizza!

After dinner, we strolled for a while, watching the wakeboarders do their stunts while enjoying the cool breeze of the evening.


A Glimpse of CWC @ Night

We retired early to bed in preparation for tomorrow’s activity. Morning comes. We were all excited! While on our way, we passed by the wood cabins (lodging houses for rent) and I can’t help but pose for a picture : )


Me wearing a sky blue outfit 

After walking for about 5 minutes from our lodging room to the park, we finally reached the front desk area. We registered. For 1 hour wakeboarding, the cost is P165 with free use of swimming pool. You can also avail of their P200 rate for 2 hrs which is much cheaper. A refundable P500 deposit is also required for each person for the wakeboarding gear.


We were told that knee-boarding is the easiest. However, the park is not opened yet. We went to wakeboard at Winch Park which is actually a beginner’s area. We were given a brief orientation. We were kind of “nervous” and “afraid” at first which was very evident on our expression.


Brief Orientation. Look at us! Lol!

The first one who tried it was Uway. Then it’s my turn. I was so nervous, but I said to myself I can do it. My goal is to reach the other side. And on my first try, I was successful! I did it! I was so happy! : ) My friend Anna was able to cross the other side on her first attempt as well. She is my idol. She wakeboards so gracefully you would be amazed at her good balance.


Anna gracefully gliding in the water while wakeboarding


Of course, wakeboarding experience is not complete without the usual plunge in the water.

As for the rest of the group, after a few more attempts, they were able to cross the other side. Mission accomplished. We’re all tired and exhausted due to a lot of energy we’ve exerted in wakeboarding.  We then proceeded to the pool area. Swimming in the pool by the way, is free if you avail of wakeboarding. I highly recommend you take advantage of the free use of pool after wakeboarding. The water is so cool and refreshing! It relaxes the mind and body.


Berns on the Pool

In as much as we would like to stay, we have a flight to catch. Around 11:30 am, we boarded the resort’s airport transfer van going to Naga Airport. We’re sad to go but we have to. Back to work, back to reality. We promised ourselves we will be back before the year 2012 ends.

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